Sear & Air Freight

When pure airfreight is not needed, but ocean freight is too slow, Silverline Cargo Handlers multi-modal sea-air solution is the answer.

Combining the best of sea and airfreight

By combining the lower costs of ocean freight with the speed of airfreight, our multi-modal sea-air service gets your cargo to its destination on time, at a highly competitive price.Our logistics experts are on hand to provide you with tailor-made sea-air solutions which meet your specific requirements.

Simple and easy documentation

Your sea-air shipments move under one through bill of lading, from origin via hub to the final destination, minimizing the complexity of issuing different transportation documents. Furthermore, you can track and trace your shipments online, keeping a full visibility of shipments across ocean, air and road.

Global network of hubs

Ideally positioned between Asia, Europe and America, our extensive network of hubs throughout the world provides a high level of control over the entire transportation process and ensures fast transit times and seamless connections to final destinations.

This service allows shipments to be timed according to production schedules thus helping to improve your inventory flow.

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